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Live Streaming On IPad , IPhone & Android Streaming On IPad , IPhone & Android

At this time, is not optimized for iOS mobile devices.
We are looking into the possibility of support for your mobile device in the future.
While we are not affiliated with Skyfire Mobile Browser, we have heard from many users that downloading this App for iPhone or iPad results in the ability to watch most Flash video streams from our site.

Additional Info:

Steps To Engage Video on

1. Browse to a website just like the native Safari browser: ( , Log in to your account
2. Select select Link/Video of interest
3. Once page loads, Skyfire will analyze the page and display video box in bottom left corner
4. Press play on Skyfire Video Box
5. Wait 20-45 seconds and Skyfire will transcode video and play on iOS device (Supports Flash Video Only)

Skyfire AppStore/iTunes Download Links:

Skyfire Web Browser (iPhone):

Skyfire Web Brower (iPad):

For more info visit

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  1. February 4, 2012
    price for joining is it New zealand dollars? Reply

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