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Watch Bayern Munich vs Cheslea Online Streaming

Watch Bayern Munich vs Cheslea Online Streaming

UEFA champion’s league final is eagerly awaited by football fans across the world. The contest is expected to be fierce and the heat of the game has already started being manifested. The crash between Germany giants Bayern Munich and struggling English premier league club Chelsea is expected to be hard than ever. Both Managers Roberto Di Matteo of Chelsea and Heynckes of Bayern Munich are rallying their teams towards taking the trophy under any circumstance.

The Allianz arena in Berlin City is expected to be full on Saturday 19th May 2012. Social places across the world are also preparing themselves to host people above their capacity. Every tick of the clock is increasing the enthusiasm and curiosity of this great match. Bayern Munich is expected to have an advantage of playing at home while Chelsea is on its top mood of winning their first ever UEFA champions trophy. Courageous Chelsea manager Di Matteo is doing all he can to ensure that his team makes history.

Chelsea has recorded positive improvement in their UEFA competitions since the entry of Roberto Di Matteo as a head coach. The club’s form in domestic league may not be encouraging. In the last six competitions, they have two times, have lost two matches and drawn in two occasions. They have managed to score nine goals and they have conceded nine goals. In their last six matches, they have not won any away game. They have drawn two times and lost horribly to Liverpool where they conceded four goals and managed to score one goal in that particular game.

On the other hand, Bayern Munich has retained good form in its UEFA champions’ matches and domestic league as well. This is giving them confidence as they prepare for the big crash. In their last six matches, Bayern have won four times, have drawn once and lost once. They have conceded five goals and have scored eleven goals. Going into finer details, of the six last fixtures, they have played three games at home and three away games. At their home pitch, they have conceded only one goal and have scored four. They have won two games and drawn once. They have won twice while away and lost once to Real Madrid in their semi finals crash.

During semi finals, Bayern Munich kicked the famous Real Madrid out of the competitions through penalty shootout. This was after the goals aggregate of four goals each side. Chelsea was able to force the mighty Barcelona out of the competition after winning at home with single goal. Chelsea drew with Barcelona at Nou Camp, the game that will ever remain in memories of many football fans across the world. Having this information, predicting the final score is not an easy task.

Chelsea will be playing without their inspirational captain and daring defender John Terry. Their midfield will also miss the services of youthful Ramires. However, David Louiz is expected to be fit for the game to replace Terry. The good thing with Chelsea is that they have the winning mentality regardless their current form. Bayern Munich will also miss the services of their dependable defender Holger Badstuber. This is the must watch game thanks to live streaming provided by at affordable rate.

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